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Reservations...Call: (615) 897-2233 | Click a Link above to Explore our Website

Indian Creek Campground in Buffalo Valley/Chestnut Mound, TN


HIKE! (Bring your hiking boots!)

Explore |Fresh Air| Nature Sounds| Fishing |Canoeing| Hunting| Archery(bring your own gear)

4 Park Ln, Buffalo Valley, TN 38548

 4 Park Ln

Chestnut Mound, TN 38552

Call Us! 615-897-2233 for reservations

Easier route in RV... take Chestnut Mound(53n-Granville Hwy)

Camper Rental on the Lake Front Avaliable; $125 a night or $600 for a week

Breathing fresh air can help regulate levels of serotonin and promotes happiness and well-being!



#Fishing  or Fishing....Local Fishing License are Attainable at Walmart

>Best Fishing Days in June are: 5th,6th,and 30th(Good Fishing Days in June:1st,2nd,3rd,4th,14th,15th,22nd,23rd,24th,27th,28th,29th)

Above Dates are according to the Fishing Almanac.

#RoastMarshmallows  #TellGhostStories  #Stargazing  



Above pic is steam coming off the lake in the morning

GPS Warrning!

> Coming from Knoxville  going West on 40...take I 40 to exit 268 Right into Hwy 96

  >go about 3.5 miles

> Turn Left on 70N 

>Turn Right on 53n/Granville Hwy

>Then turn up Enigma Rd about 2 miles

> Turn Left on Webster

>Then Left on Park Ln

****We're at the end of Park Ln =)

""""Do NOT Take ANY Hollow Rds!!!"""""

Coming from Cookville direction go all the way to 53n off 70N like your going to Granville(Granville Hwy)

If you go with GPS directions it'll take you down narrow curvey roads. See Directions page for more info and maps.

+Coming from any other direction you should be good =)

Just get to Chestnut Mound off 70n then go up 53n or... come down 53 from Granville direction.

Only Turn up Enigma Rd off 53(Granville Hwy) then take Webster to Park Ln.(We're at the end of Park Ln about 2 miles from Hwy 53(Granville Hwy)

Try these links to get ideas and purchase camping equipment:

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  amazon.com kid+camping+equipment

  Walmart.com Camping Gear

  Google+ world-of-camping

  Basspro.com camping/camp-essentials


Indian Creek Campground, TN:

1 Hour from Nashville(Nashville Events-Calendar), is located on Cordell Hull Lake branched off from the Cumberland River.

The lake branches down into the Little Indian Creek. One of our closest and most charming towns is :

Granville, TN.

(5 minutes north of us)


Kayaking in the Area:(Other than in our lake area)


Above Link is for Tennessee Kayak & Outdoor Company in Carthage, TN


Above Link is for Caney Fork Outdoors at: 1193 Wolf Creek Rd, Silver Point, TN 38582


 Above is Link to Big Rock Market also in Silver Point, TN

We are proud to be in Smith County:


For a little history on Smith County Tennesse click link below 




Also check out Putnam County/Cookville, TN History:


Links to other charming and nearby towns:

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TownOfGainesboro.com  Good Place to eat Pizza in Gainesboro: www.Giovannispizzapower.com


Good Place to eat Pizza in Baxter: www.whistlestopbaxter.com

Enjoying the great outdoors is a tradition with many families. If you want it to be apart of yours, you can truly have a great time playing outdoors and participating in all kinds of great activities like the ones we have here at Indian Creek Campgrounds.